One Day At A Time

Netflix presents this updated version of the classic sitcom “One Day At A Time” starring the one-and-only Rita Moreno and produced by original series creator Norman Lear.

A newly divorced, Cuban-American, former military mother (Justina Machada, “Six Feet Under”) tries to keep her sanity while raising her teenage daughter and tween son and sharing the house with her old-school mother (Moreno).

“The revived "One Day at a Time" is fantastic in part because of all the things that will typically make a sitcom fantastic: sharp, witty writing; charming, multi-faceted characters; plot lines that, in their seamless synthesis of the wacky and the serious, suggest life in all its messy complexity. But the show’s revival is great for another reason, too: It makes arguments about argument itself. "One Day at a Time" is a show that is, in the best ways, about fighting. And, just as importantly: It is also a show about making up.” - Megan Garber, The Atlantic

Please Note: Cameras, cell phones, tablets and/or electronic recording devices of any kind are not permitted in the studio.

Minimum Age: 18 

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